Meanings Of Sword Symbol In Dreams

Sword Symbol In Dreams

A sword is generally used to fight or to defend yourself. Although the days of sword fighting are long gone, there are many people that have swords in their homes as antique items. What about a sword in the dream? Dreaming of sword may mean a lot of things. 

Dreaming of fighting with a sword indicates bravery. You are an extremely brave person and you surely know how to fight for yourself and your family. If you are protecting someone in your dream by fighting with your sword, it depicts your heroic quality. You know the meaning of justice and hence you not only fight for your rights, but also for the rights of others.

Dreaming of defeating someone with your sword indicates victory in your real life. All of your problems are now scared of you, because you know how to get rid of them.

A sword represents enemies, betrayal, a woman with a sharp tongue, protection, defending attitude towards self and others and troubles. Dreaming of carrying a sword means that you are a very insecure person in your real life. You fear death and you fear your enemies. Hence, you always wish to be prepared to fight against them.

Dreaming of fighting with your enemies with a sword means that you are using classic and old ways to defeat them. This way, the fight would never end and you will constantly keep the enmity alive.

Most Common Sword Dreams:
Killing someone with your sword - If you kill an enemy, it means that you are going to win, but if you kill a loved one or a friend, it means that you are betraying someone.

Fighting with a friend and being defeated by his sword - Someone is winning over you by his sharp-tongue in your real life.

Licking the sword - Such a dream means that your enemies are your motivators.